According to Amy - How I Made 6-figures My Rookie Year In Real Estate

Jul 28, 2021

So, you're a mom in real estate and you're ready to make six figures? Let me tell you how.

This is exactly how I have done it year-over-year. And, best news is, is once you make six-figures, it just grows. Once you know how to do it, it just grows.

You break this, like, glass ceiling that, mentally, you think, "oh, my gosh, that is impossible." And, once you realize that it's totally possible, suddenly it becomes possible to make multiple six-figures, on-up.

Okay, but, we've got to start with six-figures.

Would you like to hear more? Click the video below:

Here's what you'll learn in the video:

  • Knowing Your Numbers (0:50)
  • Skillset Moms Already Have (2:11)
  • Unfair Advantages Moms Have (4:42)
  • Morning Routine (6:38)

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