Buckle up. It's about to get interesting.

Let me guess, you love doing the transactions, but not so much the prospecting and yet that is what seems to keep agents working night and day around the clock to be successful. LISTEN, I get it. You want to have major impact, you're talented beyond belief but you DO NOT have all the time in the world to make call after call. What if I told you there was a way to make one phone call and have it call EVERY person on your list? Even better, it would wait until they were home and ready to answer the call. Would you stop dead in your tracks? That's what Instagram is. It's content that works all day every day for you don't have to. Wanna know more?


First, we’ll uncover YOUR story...the real one. We want people invested in you and in order for them to invest in you, they must KNOW, LIKE and TRUST trust me when I say, it’s about to get real. 


Next, we’ll go where the people are and get your account all set up and ready to GROW.  Remember this is a business, so we’ll be using business tools to position your account for growth.


After that, I’ll give you the framework and tools so that you’re able to create your very own strategy.  The first two steps are the ingredients, this is the recipe.


Finally, you’ll begin your execution.  You’ll tell your story. You’ll demonstrate your value.  You’ll grow your influence. You’ll retire your listing presentation and impact will ensue.

Nothing gets me more excited...

than seeing YOU get results.

BUT, the number one thing holding you back from achieving those results is NOT BEING COMMITTED.  Let's be real - how often have you told yourself you were going create a social media strategy whilst you do EVERYTHING except work on the one thing that will allow you more time for the things you're actually working for?

You know like family dinners, making the ballgame or driving carpool?  I get it, social media makes sweat drip down your back.  I've been there. At the beginning of my real estate journey, I had 3 kids with one on the way, the only thing I knew I was going to do was use Instagram.  I was nervous, unsure and wondered if I was absolutely ridiculous. It felt about the same way it does when you try to squeeze into your skinny jeans post baby.  

But I did it and it worked.  Allowing me to be a top-producing agent without sacrificing my motherhood.

Can I tell you what's NOT uncomfortable?  Clients sliding into your DM's while you're driving that carpool.  

I know you're unsure, but GOOD NEWS.  You do not need to do it alone.

When you do all of this, you’ll naturally want to wet your pants a time or two...or twenty.  #truestory So we don’t let you go it alone! Instead, you become a part of the RISE Collective, inside our members only Facebook group. A collection of like-minded boss babes leveling up alongside you. Have a question? Drop it here.  Even better? Have a referral or a good idea? Share it! Women supporting women is our jam bam thank you ma’am. Annnd guess what? I’m popping in every month dropping new content on the regular.


"I really don't know if I would have had the guts to take the plunge into real estate without finding you on Instagram. Even though I had been wanting to for years, I wasn't sure if I'd be taken seriously with 5 kids and a minivan! Your knowledge and help has been invaluable! I don't know what I would do without the Facebook group. I haven't even met most of the women, but I can follow them and be inspired and not feel alone in this process. Thank you!"

Pamela Lunt
New Agent

Hi, I'm Amy...

My first year in real estate, I was pregnant and driving a minivan. I worked 10-hours a week, took two months off, and still made 6-figures.  And I’ve repeated that success every year since. (Minus the pregnancy, obvs). But you probably realize my success isn’t normal. Most stay-at-home moms in real estate never make a sale. Even when they shout all over Facebook “Hey, I’m a Realtor!” “Send me your leads!” Truth is, nobody cares. That’s not how you run a business. Regardless of what most courses say. Sure, marketing is essential, but…This isn’t a game of “she who shouts the loudest wins.” But that’s what it feels like, right? Just a bunch of noise. Turns out, that’s a race to the bottom. You probably know that. Now, yes…You DO want to use social media. And you DO want to tell people. Yet rather than shout? I’ll show you how to build relationships. Hundreds of them...All at once.


Good! Let's go! Rise Collective is an online course which includes 12 lessons + a new set of friends in the business. Pinky promise it will push you outside your comfort zone. Also pinky promise it will be the most fun you've had in awhile.


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